Books for Women's History Month 2019

Books for Women's History Month 2019

Stories highlighting the complexity of women motivate me. Countless times over the course of history, women have demonstrated power and resilience with grace and creativity. I was lucky growing up, surrounded and influenced by lots of accomplished, working women. My mom, women in church, writers like Dr. Maya Angelou, and fictional characters like Claire Huxtable all inspired who I am today. Now, more than ever before, women are doing even more like running companies and for President of the United States of America. Looking for some inspiring reading material this month? Here are my recommendations:

  1. In The Company Of Women -Grace Bonney

    This collection profiles women creating amazing work. Filled with writers, musicians, designers, and artists, who share insight and perspective into their creative process.

  2. Black Girls Rock -Beverly Bond

    Black Girls Rock founder, Beverly Bond is known for celebrating the extraordinary work of women in entertainment and in the community. Highlighted are women doing major things in politics, entertainment, eduction and more.

  3. Difficult Women -Roxane Gay

    Feminist writer, Gay has shared many stories in her work. In this collection of stories, we connect with women from all walks of life experiencing both the highest and lowest our world has to offer.

  4. Well-Read Black Girl -Glory Edim

    As a champion for black women’s literature, Edim creates an anthology highlighting the works of our voices in literature. The book also celebrates the vastness of our perspective with varying experiences from contributing writers.

  5. Wouldn’t Take Nothing For My Journey Now -Dr. Maya Angelou

    Who better to glean womanly wisdom than the late Dr. Angelou? This collection of experiential essays filled with sage perspective is a beautiful way to start you day this month.

  6. The Truths We Hold -Kamala Harris

    In her memoir, 2020 presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris of California, shares her unique history, which includes her amazing career, and her vision for a better America.

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