Summer Recap and Professional Values

Summer Recap and Professional Values

This week Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Houston, TX Louisiana. The folks in these areas need help and relief efforts need money. Please consider donating any amount of money to support hurricane relief efforts. Pray for them and make a financial donation. This episode is going to be a mash up of sorts: a summer goals recap, August affirmations summary, I’m going to a book festival this weekend, and what makes me tick professionally. Thanks for listening to the 25th episode of the View 112 Podcast.

Happy September.  For me, September is a serious month.  Like summer is over, school, is back in session, etc. Kinda like January with the holidays being over and everyone’s back on their grind.   I have a few things to share so lets get into it.

Summer 2017 Goals:

  1. Summer Streak (writing)

  2. Summer Savings

  3. Summer Wellness

  4. My Summer Adventure

So what happens when you do not reach your goals? Do you set the same ones? I re-assess, see where I went wrong and make adjustments.  I think my first mistake is taking on way too much. I do that a lot if you haven’t noticed. Turns out my number one priority is school and all year I’ve known that.  This summer my priority was to pass my math class and everything fell to that.  

August Affirmations

  1. I am worthy of all God has for me

  2. I will do what it takes to graduate in 2018

  3. I will build a lucrative writing business and advance professionally

  4. My body is a powerful temple and I will take care of it

  5. I will give and receive love beyond my wildest dreams

This week, at a work meeting we did an activity in which we had to identify our professional values.  Out of a list of probably 50 or 60 values we had to pick our top 3.  Turns out,my professional values line up with my personal values. I just HAD to pick 4:

My Professional Values 

  1. Faith

  2. Excellence

  3. Positivity

  4. Thoroughness

Finally, I am headed out to the Library of Congress National Book Festival today! I’ve never been to a book festival and I’m so excited. I’m look forward to seeing how the literary community gets down.  There are dozens of writers speaking today including authors like Roxanne Gay and Thomas Friedman, both of whose books I’ve read. I just can’t wait to take it all in.  It’s free and at the Convention Center in downtown Washington, DC.  I’ll be writing a recap of my experience.  

2017 Library of Congress National Book Festival

2017 Library of Congress National Book Festival

Our Personal and Professional Responsibility to Fight Hate

Our Personal and Professional Responsibility to Fight Hate