Q2 Review and Summer Goals Update

Q2 Review and Summer Goals Update

In episode 8 of the View 112 Podcast, I did a 2017 Q1 review and was pretty pleased with my results.  Mapping out my annual goals quarter by quarter has certainly helped me stay on track with most things. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback about that podcast as well as a listener question that I’d like to share in a bit. Here is the Q2 Breakdown of my goals


  • Running (register for a fall race, run 5k Fridays in April, biking and yoga

  • School: Keep the focus for the semester and prep to do math prep.

  • 1-2 blog posts per week.


  • Finish spring semester strong

  • Game plan for summer semester

  • Half training biking yoga

  • Look for bday celebration spots

  • Visit mom and dad

  • 1-2 blog posts


  • Create summer specific goals

  • Summer semester prep

Things I added from last quarter:

  • find a therapist

  • annual physical

  • get divorce paperwork handled

  • Get a mentor and join a writing community

Update on Summer Goals:

  • Summer writing streak

  • Summer savings

  • Summer wellness

A listener question:  A question for you for your podcast, or just advice. After listening to the episode about your Q1 goals, I have to admit--hearing you list off your goals one by one by one had me pretty apprehensive...and then you said, "moving on to February"--I freaked out! All those accomplishments just for the month of January?!?!? It had me feeling pretty down. However I kept listening and you got to the part of what you have checked off your list and what you hadn't. I felt two things: one-I need to set more goals, and two-Rome wasn't built in a day. It was inspiring to hear all of your goals - just for Q1 and what you deemed important and urgent, and what could wait a bit and didn't have to be accomplished then and there. So---long-winded way to get to the question: what is your opinion on vision boards? Do you use one? Have you done one in the past? If so, did you find it effective in reaching and/or charting those goals, both large and small? Do you feel it visually helps accomplish goals or is it just as useful as writing it down? Lastly, if you're a proponent of it, steps to make it happen (and make it?!).


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