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Why SoulCycle

Why SoulCycle

About 4 years ago a friend of mine living in Brooklyn, NY kept telling me about this amazing spin class.  Man she was addicted.  For months she would take classes multiple times a week…lunch time classes, 6am classes, evening classes, etc.  She was even on the local news as they profiled this spin studio’s lunch time workout.  I was no stranger to spin class.  It’s easily one of my favorite forms of exercise.  Still it was clear to me I had never felt about my spin class the way my friend felt about SoulCycle.  

At that time, SoulCycle only had studios in New York and California.  The next time I visited my friend in New York, she took me to the newest SoulCycle studio in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn.  I was surprised the mid morning class was not sold out as is often the case in NYC area classes. I don’t remember the instructor, but it was a guy and he said:

“Raise your hand if this is your first time at SoulCycle”.  

I raised my hand and he attempted to confirm “It’s your first time?” 

I say “This is not my first time spinning but this is my first time at SoulCycle” 

To which he replies ( a bit seductively) “Oh, so it’s your first time” 

The class laughs a bit and starts clapping.  I remember the distinct feeling of happiness, wondering what in the world I had gotten myself into.  At the end of that class, I was hooked immediately.  With no SoulCycle in DC, I resumed taking spin classes at my local gym, but I didn’t have the same feeling.  It would be almost 6 months before I took my next SoulCycle class, this time in Palo Alto as I was on travel for work.  Once again, I got that feeling of connection and happiness with my workout.  Then finally later that year, SoulCycle announced their expansion to Washington DC.  With that, SoulCycle West End became MY home SoulCycle! Yaaaasssss.

What differentiates SoulCycle?  Glad you asked:

  1. They provide an experience that encourages you to connect with the best version of yourself. I have been pushed harder in SoulCycle classes than in any other group fitness classes I’ve ever taken.  It’s very much you vs you.  Do you boo. Yes you can.  All that stuff.  The classes are in the dark. The environment forces you have to have honest moments with yourself.  It’s like the mentality of yoga on a bike…with loud music, and a group of people having a ball. #tapitback
  2. The instructors are all incredible. Not sure what training/certifications these people go through but they are all awesome.  I have not met a SoulCycle instructor I didn’t like. That being said, I certainly have my favorites. This is important.  I like instructors who like to party, dance, and have a great ear for music.  Music and artists I like to be specific.  The workout is all about riding to the beat of the music.  You have to enjoy the musical personality of the instructor.  I recall picking an instructor once solely because in her bio it said “I like trap music”.  I took her class faithfully.  I have a few new instructors I love, but it seems the person I take classes with most frequently is Cher.  I love me some Cher SoulCycle classes.  
  3. THEME RIDES. SoulCycle theme rides are everything. I mentioned I take Cher’s classes the most.  Theme or no theme, I enjoy her class.  But when Cher does a theme ride y’all? Cher does a theme ride.  Last month on my birthday (by coincidence) Cher led a Jay Z vs Beyonce theme ride. I invited 15 friends and family members to the class and we got it in! I got my WHOLE LIFE!  Other theme rides I’ve done include: Beyonce vs Brittney, Nicki Minaj vs Lil Wayne, Drake vs Beyonce, Janet Jackson vs Michael Jackson, Beyonce vs Destiny’s Child, and Beyonce.  Yep, just Beyonce because…well hello its Beyonce.  

According to my SoulCycle account, February marks by 2 year anniversary.  My first DC class at WestEnd was on February 12.  Today (Feb. 12), I am going to another Cher led class (told you, love her) with my sister and brother in law in Georgetown: Jay Z vs Justin Timberlake.  Looking for other instructor recommendations?  I also love Chris Pepe, Rochelle, and Lizzy all in DC.  Looking for a fun, energetic, experience that almost makes you forget its a workout?  SoulCycle is it dear reader/friend.  

Athlete. Legend. Warrior. Renegade. Rockstar.  Yup that’s me.

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